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31. Mai 2011


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Kommentare deaktiviert für Quote of the Day: Sleeping

Only sleeping really saves energy, not doing work slowly.

Kay Sievers on OpenSUSE Factory.

This was meant to describe computer power saving strategies but applies to human brains, too.

9. März 2011


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Kommentare deaktiviert für Everybody talks about Enterprise Clouds as the Next Big Thing!

Nowadays, everybody talks about Enterprise Cloud Solutions as the next big thing in IT. Actually, it’s a thing from the 1960s. See yourself.

But, seriously, if you were looking for cool cloud solutions featuring OpenStack, better turn to B1 Systems GmbH from Germany.

4. März 2011


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13. Dezember 2010


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Kommentare deaktiviert für Workarounds… (Why you would want Firefox to look like Internet Explorer)

Workarounds… (Why you would want Firefox to look like Internet Explorer)

(13:10:30) Ralf Lang: hi gclx
(13:10:49) gclx: some of my clients are having trouble signing in they get the horde page once they log in they get 404 page
(13:11:03) gclx: i have no trouble logging on via the same page
(13:11:40) gclx: we upgraded from older horde to latest
(13:12:10) gclx: user has explorer 8 on windows 7 home premium 64bit
(13:12:21) gclx: firefox is ok
(13:14:18) Spkka hat den Raum verlassen (quit: ).
(13:14:35) hyper_ch: use firefox then 🙂
(13:14:55) gclx: i know but user doesnt understand much of computer :p
(13:15:31) gclx: he wants internet to be behind the small blue e icon
(13:16:15) gclx: so no known issues? with this setup?
(13:22:31) Ralf Lang: you could configure the firefox application link (.lnk file) to use the ie symbol.
(13:23:19) gclx: lol
(13:24:39) gclx: 😀
(13:25:13) gclx: he will not notice a thing :p
(13:25:25) Ralf Lang: :-p
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