bookmark_borderLuedecke petitions Hewlett-Packard: Release the HP WebOS code now!

OpenSUSE Ambassador Roger Luedecke has just started a petition towards the Hewlett-Packackard Company (HP) to release the WebOS source code under the GPL license. Luedecke says, “I care deeply about this very important issue”. WebOS is a mobile operating system based on Linux and was originally developed by handheld computer producer Palm, who are now a subsidy of HP. According to Luedecke, HP is know to be FOSS friendly to a remarkable degree. There are hopes that his petition might trigger some action at HP, though nothing can be forced. That’s why the openSUSE community is asked to support this petition. Luedecke writes: “Ultimately we can’t pressure them in regards to a technology they own, not poxet 30 so far as I know. But its worth a shot.”

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