Archiv für den Monat: März 2012

27 Mrz

Heads up: OBS SLES 11 PHP stuff migrates to SP2! – server:php:applications/SLE11 repository

OBS server:php:applications/SLE11 repository now builds against SLES 11 SP2 – some packages fail to build because of multiple providers.

19 Mrz

PHP goes git

Today the main PHP development branch has moved to the git version control system. In the past, PHP has been

15 Mrz

php5.3 packages in SLES 11 SP2

SLES 11 SP2 ships php5.3 binaries but the default package php5 still installs php5.2 which already has reached upstream end

02 Mrz

Installing Horde 4 pear packages to a custom pear location (SUSE)

When installing horde to a custom pear location, you need to run the pear of your custom location, not the