Horde 3 End of Life after 8 years – It was a great time.

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Betreff: [announce] End Of Life for Horde 3
Datum: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 13:21:17 +0100
Von: Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org>
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The Horde Team is announcing the End Of Life (EOL) for the Horde 3
release series.

With the final release of Horde 5 the state of the following release
series is updated:

Horde 3: EOL
Horde 4: Security Fixes
Horde 5: Bug Fixes

Please see http://wiki.horde.org/Doc/Dev/ReleaseCycle for details
about the Horde release cycle and
http://www.horde.org/development/versions for the affected applications.

Horde 3 had been a huge milestone in Horde's history and has served us
well for 8 long years. We really hope you enjoyed it too. We know it's
still in use in many, many places, and we like to encourage everyone
to upgrade to the latest version which is such a huge improvement over
the now outdated Horde 3 line.

Thank you, Horde 3, and thank you, everyone who made it such a great


  1. Hi Mathieu, the current release schedule says: “The most recent two major versions will be maintained with security fixes, i.e. for at least 12 months.”

    There is no fixed date for dropping H4 security support and minor bug fixing but it won’t be before H6. When H6 is coming, H5 will go into fixes-only mode.

    Long term supported distribution packages of Horde 4 and 5 may be commercially offered by my employer B1 Systems GmbH (http://www.b1-systems.de).

    You can get free, unsupported distribution packages of Horde 5 at OBS (https://build.opensuse.org/project/show?project=isv%3AB1-Systems%3AHorde5%3Arolling).

    Note that we are tooling to also provide Debian packages but priority is for rpm (SLE and openSUSE).

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