Horde Installer: Return to the Vendor

TL;DR – horde/horde-installer-plugin will now install apps to vendor dir and then link to web dir

Apps in the web dir

Until today, the composer plugin for installing horde apps installed apps directly into the web dir and linked configs from outside the webdir into the apps. That had several drawbacks. Developers could not just traverse the vendor dir to jump between libraries and app plugins. That is a deviation from composer standards which install everything besides the root package into a two-level structure below /vendor directory.

Handle equal things equal

We already installed two other types to the vendor dir and only linked their contents to appropriate locations: horde-dir is about special libraries that expose javascript or other web readable content. themes packages are all about static assets. It felt quite natural to also move apps there. Every package is first handled equally and then their specific needs are addressed.

Move setup to post installation

Recently, a new composer command horde:reconfigure was added to trigger the reconfiguration mechanisms on demand. The latest changes prepare a next step, reusing the linking and post installation procedures in tools that don’t run as composer plugins. At one point, the plugin can become a useful but optional component. Without the plugin, composer only adds, removes or updates software and kills any modifications to vendor dir. In this case it is up to the administrator to run another tool that re-applies the necessary configurations. The ultimate goal is to require less and less such modifications in the vendor dir and also less fiddling with the web dir.

Side effect: Added security

The applications are now symlinked to the web dir, but selectively.
Documentation, bindir, admin scripts and unit tests are no longer available in the web dir, as well as some non-runtime files from the root dir.
This reduces the surface for attacks in case filtering mechanisms like htaccess files fail.

Unsolved: Deinstallation case

At the moment the installer does not properly tackle deinstallation of apps. It leaves a directory containing broken symlinks. This is to be solved before a tagged release of this new change can happen.

Backward Compatibility Implications

It is intended to be mostly backward compatible. Users are encouraged to call into vendor/bin instead of calling into the application directories directly – be it in their old or new locations. The components CLI application, mostly used by developers and Continuous Integration jobs, will no longer show up in the web dir at all. You SHOULD configure it through var/config like other apps and then run the CLI through vendor/bin or wherever your bindir is located. This was the preferred approach before. The components app only showed up in the web dir because it is classified as a horde-app.

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