Archiv für den Monat: Oktober 2010

29 Okt

Horde 3.3.10 customizing – Patch for more flexible administration of users and groups

A new patch enables horde 3.3.10 users to get certain administration privileges while not becoming administrators of the whole horde environment.
Read the article or get the patch.

26 Okt

Horde Updates: Base module 3.3.10 RPMs for SLES and OpenSUSE

New Horde Version available as OpenSUSE package Horde just released version 3.3.10 of their base application along with some minor

18 Okt

Horde 3.3.9 SLES 11SP1 and OpenSUSE RPMs

Horde has been in Suse Linux for many years, but recently the packages were outdated, some even missing. I have