Horde 3.3.9 SLES 11SP1 and OpenSUSE RPMs

Horde has been in Suse Linux for many years, but recently the packages were outdated, some even missing.

I have taken over the horde packages in the OpenSUSE and SLES 11 PHP applications repository.  Currently Horde has been updated to 3.3.9, but also mimp, mnemo, turba, and kronolith have been updated to recent versions. The dynamic ajax webmail interface dimp and the file manager gollem have been added as new packages in their current version.

While I am actively testing and using these packages, these packages come with no sort of guarantee.

The packages have a dependency on PHP < 5.3 as there are some known issues with horde 3.3.9 Alarms under PHP 5.3. While SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 comes with PHP 5.2, users of OpenSUSE 11.3 need to get PHP < 5.3 from another repository. I am currently trying to find out if I can easily patch this to work with PHP 5.3 and up.

One note for new users: These packages do not install mysql, php-mysql or the  php5-pear-mdb2_driver_mysqli package, which you probably want to install when using horde with mysql.

Stay tuned for more packaged horde apps, framework components and patches.

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