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Horde 4 release date announced — Horde 3 made it into openSUSE Factory

Michael Rubinsky of the Horde Core team yesterday officially announced a release date for Horde 4

„Horde 4 and groupware apps will be released on April 5th, 2011.“

Horde 4 is a complete re-design of the Horde Framework and will be accompanied by new major releases of the Horde-based groupware Apps like Imp 5 (Webmail), Kronolith (Calendar) and Turba (Address book).

The community has been waiting quite some time but the horde developers emphasized quality over speed. Horde is currently discussing a fixed release scheme of a new minor or major release every six months, with bugfixes and security fixes whenever they feel appropriate.

Horde 4 will be completely pear-based. Gunnar Wrobel stated that Horde 4 will consist of something around 80 pear packages and that Horde apps will be released as pear packages, too.

Beginning with the first release candidates, I will provide rpm packages for openSUSE build service. By the way, the Horde RPMs for openSUSE have been included into openSUSE Factory last weekend and might get shipped with openSUSE 11.4

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  1. » Blog Archive » Horde 4 Preview – Calendar Kronolith now supports resources

    […] Horde 4 is due for April 05 2011 – and sports a new release of the major groupware applications. Among them, the time-tracking app hermes sees its 2.0 release. DIMP (ajax webmailer) and MIMP (mobile devices webmailer) have been integrated into IMP, the webmailer. The task tracker nag has been integrated into the new (optional) ajax frontend of the kronolith calendar app. By the way, Kronolith now allows assigning resources like rooms or beamers to events and provides resource scheduling just as if they were persons. The classic non-ajax interface is still available as a user preference though. Horde 4 won’t be compatible with the generic inventory app sesha anymore. The horde team has decided to abandon some other applications, too Currently, the Horde 4 git repository houses more than 20 applications, ranging from enhanced versions of long-running mainstream apps like the file manager gollem or the VCS chora to Horde Folks, the bleeding edge Facebook-like personal dashboard. […]

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