Archiv für den Monat: März 2011

09 Mrz

Everybody talks about Enterprise Clouds as the Next Big Thing!

Nowadays, everybody talks about Enterprise Cloud Solutions as the next big thing in IT. Actually, it’s a thing from the

09 Mrz

Horde 4 Alpha 1 released (pear)

Yesterday the horde project released alpha versions of Horde Framework 4 and the Groupware apps (Notes, Calendar, Email, Filter,Address Book,

09 Mrz

Developing Hort password safe: Horde 4 Shares

I recently decided I wanted to drop the Horde 3 password safe eleusis and build something new which uses Horde

08 Mrz

Warning: Updates from OpenSUSE 11.3 to 11.4 may fail (liblzma0)

OpenSUSE 11.4 repositories have just opened for downloading, official release will be this week. Early adopters might run into trouble

04 Mrz

Marching Band covers Rage Against the Machine :-)   See yourself

02 Mrz

The Horde Project announces new monthly newsletter.

Gunnar Wrobel today announced the new monthly horde newsletter: Last month the Horde project sent out a first newsletter:

01 Mrz

Horde 4 Preview – Calendar Kronolith now supports resources

Horde 4 is due for April 05 2011 – and sports a new release of the major groupware applications. Among