Composer Installer gets Horde Themes

A while back I added theme package support to the composer installer for horde (horde-installer-plugin). There are some Horde themes or theme customisations available out there, but they come as zip files you have to manually deploy to the right directories, often spanning multiple apps.

The installer recognizes themes and generates appropriate symlinks in the /web dir to make them available.
You can review maintaina-com/theme-hochschule as a template theme. The hochschule theme is more or less a clone of the standard horde theme, but I might add some tweaks at some point as the user of that themes requires it. Themes are registered into a json file to facilitate operations like regenerating the link dir independent of composer actions, but this has not yet been implemented.

The installer handles the main horde theme in the horde/ sub directory and any app specific additions to the theme in the respective folder. In theory, you could also divide a theme into multiple packages, for example a “theme-foo” main package and a “theme-foo-kronolith” package for calendar specific additions. I did not yet complete support for this style as I currently do not need it. I see the use case though as I take care of some unpublished horde apps and might require it one day.

If you happen to have created a horde4/5 theme which might be interesting to the general public, I am glad to help you adopt it into a package for the H6 composer installer.

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