Maintaina Horde: Fourth Of July Additions

I packaged some more exotic horde apps and libraries for use with the composer installer and the FRAMEWORK_6_0 codebase. This was mostly formal conversion work, no actual testing was done. Some of these items might not even be very useful to most administrators. Nevertheless, I want to close the gap between what is available in the horde git-tools install and what can be installed through the horde installer plugin for composer.

These apps are now available:

  • refactor (refactoring utility)
  • trean (bookmarks)
  • ulaform (Forms app)
  • sesha (H4ish inventory app)
  • skeleton (template application)
  • sam (Spam Assassin Integration app)
  • operator (phone call details reader)
  • pastie (simple H4ish pastebin app)

The libraries were previously not available for H6 and now have seen their alpha release:

  • horde/thrift
  • horde/service_urlshortener
  • horde/service_vimeo
  • horde/service_facebook
  • horde/service_twitter
  • horde/scribe
  • horde/reflection
  • horde/pgp
  • horde/rampage
  • horde/oauth
  • horde/kolab_resource
  • horde/pdf
  • horde/lens
  • horde/openxchange
  • horde/mongo
  • horde/memcache

I wish you all a joyful fourth of july.

There are still some items missing, including the Klutz cartoon reader app and some Kolab related libraries.

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