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15 Jun
Horde 4 admin permissions screenshot

Horde 4.0.6 brings user-specific admin privileges

Traditionally, Horde only knows two kinds of users: Users with administration flag and users without. The list of admins is

01 Jun

Migrating Horde 3 to Horde 4 – Top 6 ways to mess up

There have been some migrations of Horde 3 to Horde 4 recently – not all went smooth from the start.

26 Mai

Horde 4 submit-requested into OpenSUSE 12.1

Today I submit-requested the Horde 4 Application Framework and the stable apps for openSUSE Factory. This is becoming openSUSE 12.1

18 Mai

Horde Team announces RC1 of Horde Groupware 4.0

Since the release of Horde 4 and select applications, people kept asking for a new release of the popular Horde

18 Mai

Latest, Greatest – B1 Systems and Horde LLC on LinuxTag – passwd unofficial H4 package

This weekend, I visited the LinuxTag exhibition in Berlin, both to support my company’s booth and to talk to the

09 Mrz

Horde 4 Alpha 1 released (pear)

Yesterday the horde project released alpha versions of Horde Framework 4 and the Groupware apps (Notes, Calendar, Email, Filter,Address Book,

09 Mrz

Developing Hort password safe: Horde 4 Shares

I recently decided I wanted to drop the Horde 3 password safe eleusis and build something new which uses Horde

02 Mrz

The Horde Project announces new monthly newsletter.

Gunnar Wrobel today announced the new monthly horde newsletter: Last month the Horde project sent out a first newsletter: http://eepurl.com/ct4tP

01 Mrz

Horde 4 Preview – Calendar Kronolith now supports resources

Horde 4 is due for April 05 2011 – and sports a new release of the major groupware applications. Among

30 Jan

Making horde3 run on php5.3 + (openSUSE 11.3+)

Horde3 has been designed to work with PHP 4 and aims to stay compatible till end of life. That is

27 Jan

Horde 4 release date announced — Horde 3 made it into openSUSE Factory

Horde Team announces release of Horde 4 and Groupware in April 2011.
Horde 3 openSUSE packages made it into factory status.

13 Dez

Workarounds… (Why you would want Firefox to look like Internet Explorer)

Why you would want Firefox to look like Internet Explorer
Horde IRC channel bit
(Click to view)

09 Dez

Eleusis Password App for Horde3 now in OpenSUSE

Introducing Eleusis Password Safe for Horde Groupware / Horde 3 as a new package in the SUSE server:php:applications repository. I packaged the RPM to facilitate installation.

29 Okt

Horde 3.3.10 customizing – Patch for more flexible administration of users and groups

A new patch enables horde 3.3.10 users to get certain administration privileges while not becoming administrators of the whole horde environment.
Read the article or get the patch.

26 Okt

Horde Updates: Base module 3.3.10 RPMs for SLES and OpenSUSE

New Horde Version available as OpenSUSE package Horde just released version 3.3.10 of their base application along with some minor