bookmark_borderJan Schneider: Automatic twitter messages with Horde_Service_Twitter and two lines of code

Jan Schneider just posted a damn cool use case for the Horde_Service_Twitter library. Using this library, just a few lines of php code are enough to send messages to your twitter stream like this:

#!/usr/bin/env php
/* Keys - these are obtained when registering for the service */
$keys = array(
'consumer_key'        => '',
'consumer_secret'     => '',
'access_token'        => '',
'access_token_secret' => ''

/* Enable autoloading. */
require 'Horde/Autoloader/Default.php';

/* Create the Twitter client */
$twitter = Horde_Service_Twitter::create(array('oauth' => $keys));

/* Send tweet */
try {
} catch (Horde_Service_Twitter_Exception $e) {
$error = Horde_Serialize::unserialize($e->getMessage(), Horde_Serialize::JSON);
echo "$error->error\n";

Now that’s neat, isn’t it.
In another team I worked with, we used a perl library which sent jabber/xmpp streams to our chat accounts when something ran into an uncought exception.

This might be worth porting to PHP/Horde some day.