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30 Jan

Making horde3 run on php5.3 + (openSUSE 11.3+)

Horde3 has been designed to work with PHP 4 and aims to stay compatible till end of life. That is

27 Jan

Horde 4 release date announced — Horde 3 made it into openSUSE Factory

Horde Team announces release of Horde 4 and Groupware in April 2011.
Horde 3 openSUSE packages made it into factory status.

13 Dez

Workarounds… (Why you would want Firefox to look like Internet Explorer)

Why you would want Firefox to look like Internet Explorer
Horde IRC channel bit
(Click to view)

09 Dez

Eleusis Password App for Horde3 now in OpenSUSE

Introducing Eleusis Password Safe for Horde Groupware / Horde 3 as a new package in the SUSE server:php:applications repository. I packaged the RPM to facilitate installation.

29 Okt

Horde 3.3.10 customizing – Patch for more flexible administration of users and groups

A new patch enables horde 3.3.10 users to get certain administration privileges while not becoming administrators of the whole horde environment.
Read the article or get the patch.

26 Okt

Horde Updates: Base module 3.3.10 RPMs for SLES and OpenSUSE

New Horde Version available as OpenSUSE package Horde just released version 3.3.10 of their base application along with some minor

18 Okt

Horde 3.3.9 SLES 11SP1 and OpenSUSE RPMs

Horde has been in Suse Linux for many years, but recently the packages were outdated, some even missing. I have

21 Apr

Horde DIMP Portal: Let Dimp use classic Horde Portal settings

When you use DIMP, the AJAX frontend to Horde Groupware’s widely used IMP webmailer, you usually want to hide the

12 Feb

irc.icq.com changes port – IRCQ wechselt Portnummer

AOL ICQ has silently changed the port number of its IRC Service under irc.icq.com from standard oirt 6777 to 7012.

27 Jan

Horde 3.3.5 to 3.3.6 migration patch broken? Alternative Patch!

If you want to patch a Horde 3.3.5 installation pulled from  the official Horde 3.3.5 tarball using the  official Horde

11 Feb

perl: rounding KiB values to MiB boundaries

When you have to deal with kilobyte or kibibyte values in today’s real-world computers, you often want extremely similar values

16 Nov

Symlinks auf network devices per udev festlegen (geht nicht)

Bekanntlich kann man unter Linux ab Kernel 2.6 mit udev bestimmen, wie ein Gerät im /dev/-Baum heißen soll. Ebenso bietet

16 Aug

Horde Webmail 1.1.2 und Horde Groupware 1.1.2 veröffentlicht.

Das Horde-Projekt hat heute die neue Version 1.1.2 des Horde-Webmail-Paketes und des Groupware-Paketes veröffentlicht. Das Paket Horde Webmail besteht neben einer Horde-Basisinstallation

13 Aug

Horde Projekt gibt Blog-Software ‚thomas‘ auf

Das Horde-Projekt hat angekündigt, die bisher auch auf dieser Website benutzte Blog-Software Horde Thomas nicht weiter als eigenständiges Programm zu